You're a real smoothie

September 17, 2019

Despite this week's torrential rain, Sydney is hotting up slowly but surely and smoothies, salads and iced coffee's are finally back on the menu. 


This smoothie created by our head trainer Carragh Gordon is choc full of maca which is a real power player in this nourishing drink. Maca powder derives from a Peruvian root veg and is super high in magnesium, contains over 20 amino acids and calcium. It's been tried and tested over centuries to give benefits to advocates such as an increase in energy levels, help in regulating hormones and even enhance fertility... But whether you believe the hype or not- the malty, caramel taste is the best bit about this this  power powder. 


If, like Carragh you workout regularly and forever on the go, this is a great one-glass-wonder that you can chuck in an old peanut butter jar and go. Have anytime of the day but ideal as a post workout drink to replenish your body from the inside out. 


1 x small frozen banana

1/2 cup coconut flakes

1tbs maca podwer

1/4 cup hemp seeds

1 cup nut milk

1cup ice


Throw in a blender and blitz.

(Sprinkle with coconut flakes, cinnamon and cocoa nibs for insta's sake)




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