A day in the life of...Lizzie Bland

March 25, 2019


Wake up, walk Artie and either FaceTime my family in the UK or listen to a podcast (Womens Hour, The High Low & Shameless are my regulars). 

Breakfast - Yoghurt (my fave is Farmers Union- full fat, always)  + Granola (low sugar variety) + peaches or nectarines.


Teaching- group classes followed by private sessions. 



Lunch - normally avocado toast & sides from The Nine/Bills or a salad from The Shop & Wine Bar. My New Years resolution of making my lunches is not going so well. 


Nap - A luxury of the job, guilty!


Snacks - A huge bowl of melon (any variety), a few spoons of peanut butter, salt and vinegar brown rice crackers, popcorn or fava beans. You’re either a snacker or you’re not and i most certainly need my snacks to keep my blood sugar stable. 



Exercise- if I haven’t made it to one of the Bean classes in the morning I’ll try and either go for a longer dog walk or a get to a yoga class. 


Dinner- Salmon, sweet potato and salad or a tofu stir fry with brown rice. More regularly than i'd like its a vegetarian pizza from next door. Warning, do NOT live next to your fave pizza place (Vino E Cucina in Paddo). 


Bed time- In bed by 8:30pm and then read for about an hour. (Always looking for book recommendations so please tell me any must reads!) 



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