A day in the life of…Jacqui Heeney

March 17, 2019




6.30am wake up,  journal in my 5 minute journal; what I'm grateful for and what would make today great, 10 minute meditation with 10% happier app, coffee then out the door to work out or teach depending what day it is. 

I try to wait at least 12 - 16 hours before breakfast although each day is different depending on my schedule. For breakfast I have a blueberry smoothie bowl with cocoa protein and toppings of shredded coconut, cocoa nibs, almonds & banana! 



I try to get a food shop in after my morning classes so it's out of that way. Some days I'll have teaching during the day, rehearsals for an upcoming show or emails to catch up on. I try to give myself at least an hour during the day to switch off to maybe jump in the ocean or go for a sauna, I find it resets me and gives me an energy boost for the second part of the day. For lunch I'll have leftovers or a tuna salad with roasted vegetables.  



I teach every night of the week so I'll finish around 7.30pm most nights- i'll come home to cook or my finance will prep dinner. We usually do the same 5 meals on rotation and have been trying to make 1 new meal per week; at the moment I'm cooking a-lot of mediterranean dishes with nuts & herbs and spices. When I'm not prepared my take away option is usually the Char on Bronte Rd (which I go to at least twice a week).  

Around 8pm I always put my blue light protector glasses, watch Netflix or at the moment it's all wedding prep! I then try and get ready for bed around 9.30pm & jump into bed by 10pm (on a good day), finish my 5 minute journal, followed by reading which only last about 10 minutes before I get too sleepy and fall asleep! 




Thanks for sharing your day with us JH! We can't wait to see you in the studio again after your upcoming wedding. We LOVE you. Read more from the Lean Bean life here...








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