5 Ways To Get Movement Into Your Day

November 28, 2018

You have probably heard it before, but sitting is the new smoking.

With long days at work, hours of commuting, and even a sneaky binge of your fav Netflix series - you can easily feel like your #fitspo is more #notso. Long periods of being seated (often in questionable postures..) can affect your mobility, joints and health in general - so any additional daily movement can do wonders for your body. Try these quick tips to get extra movement into even the laziest of days:


1. Walk, run or cycle to the places you need to be at least 3 times a week (or park further away and walk the rest!). It will increase not only your step count.. but also your mood!


2. Do 5 squats every hour, especially if you're sitting all day (even if you do them when you go to the bathroom to avoid those funny looks). Think about pushing your knees out on the way down and up for maximum results.


3. Stretch first thing. Set up your yoga mat by your wardrobe or in the living room, and before you get dressed or make your morning tea, wake up by stretching your limbs. Try simply doing 3 long stretches (forward fold, downward dog, upward dog) a few times - and then kick-start your day with some movement already ticked off.



4. Take the stairs instead of the lift, or walk *briskly* up the escalator. With those long escalators at the train station, the puff is real.


5. Walk fast! Instead of just meandering from place to place with your head down on your phone, aim to get a sweat on by picking up the pace. If you are not a naturally speedy stroller, find an upbeat playlist or a set a time target to reach your destination. 


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