5 Convenient Snacks Lizzie’s Loving Right Now

November 11, 2018

It’s no secret that my body consists of equal parts peanut butter & Cheerios, but apart from that, there’s a few other snacks I’ll have on hand to give me an energy boost between meals.

(Some people don’t feel the need to snack and if that's case, don’t! Everybody’s different. If, like me, you start losing concentration and start to feel shaky between meals, having some simple snacks on hand will help you avoid going wild when you get to meal time.)



Woolies Organic Yoghurt 

Add some frozen mixed berries

Organic yogurt is normally pretty expensive but now woolies have their own version for $5 for a large tub! I had cut yoghurt out for a while but after recently understanding the importance of calcium for women’s health it made me re-think why I was cutting it out. For many people who can’t tolerate cows milk and cheese, you may actually find the gut loving goodness in yoghurt actually does your body some good, so don’t be scared! 


Barley+ 7 seeds bar

Made from barley and seeds + a little brown rice syrup. At only 2.6g sugar and 30% of your daily fibre needs per bar, it’s great for filling you up without all the crap. Get them at Woolies or Coles.



By eating the skin on kiwi’s you instantly triple their fibre content and also consume most of the vit c. Plus, peeling/spooning/cutting is such an effort- give them a good wash, bite the ends off and go. Fruit is my go to snack throughout the day. Apples and bananas are another thing I'll always have in my bag.


Dried Fava Beans 

For the last few years I've bought the salt and vinegar ones religiously as they’re so yummy and again, FULL of fibre and contain very few ingredients. The Happy Snack Company, most supermarkets/wholefood shops.


Dried wasabi Seaweed sheets

100% of your recommended Iodine intake- a nutrient SO many women are deficient in (especially those who follow DF diets) which can mess with your thyroid causing fatigue, constipation and sensitivity to cold temperatures. Get in all supermarkets.



*Ps. None of the brands/stores named are sponsored. 

(Not that you were thinking that Woolies were considering me as an ambassador, alongside Jamie Oliver) lol.


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