October 31, 2018

Get excited

Yep, sounds silly but just think about how much easier it is to do ANY task when you actually WANT to do it? If you are already dreading classes, or fear the thought of breaking your current sweet tooth - then try and think of things you are ADDING to your life instead. Find your inspo *hello Elyse Knowles*, remind yourself how GOOD a those post sweat endorphins are, plan some quick, tasty and health meals - or even buy yourself a new pair of tights or trainers to up the excitement. 


Get organised

The easiest way to de-rail a health kick is lack of preparation. Missing class because you forgot your sports bra or eating cereal for dinner because you forgot to go shopping are both avoidable with a few easy steps. Booking your classes each week, popping your workout gear out each night, and filling your fridge with quick and healthy options (eggs, tuna, beans, pre roasted veg and fresh fruit) will go a long way to keeping you on track.


Be Realistic

The second biggest blunder we often see...? Unrealistic expectations. People who start off Week 1 by attending class every day, eating salads for every meal and having a zero tolerance on treats - often crash the fastest. Think of these 6x weeks as helping you make SUSTAINABLE changes to your health and fitness routine. By over exercising you are at risk of exhaustion or injury, and by cutting out particular foods you will only increase the risk of a blow out later down the track. Look to attend around 4 - 5 classes (including stretch), have rest days, eat in moderation (mince pies are only around once per year so YES you can eat them.. just not the whole tray) - and try and erase guilt where possible.


Nail The Basics 

Health and Fitness can be a confusing industry, and when we commit to making changes it can be easy to over complicate things - when in reality it's all about nailing the basics. Drink plenty of water (around 2 litres daily with more on hot days or when you work out), aim to get 7 -8 hours sleep per night, add plenty of fresh fruit and veg to your diet, and try and include some mindfulness to your daily routine (breathing, meditation or even a jump in the ocean always do it for me!). And the most important aspect? Smile, laugh and ENJOY yourself along the way.


Tell Your Friends 

This is always a toughie, as some friends will 100% support you on your health kick - while some *no names but hello Chelseas friends* will roll their eyes and pass you the cheese board :/ Either way it's usually BEST to keep friends, room mates, partners and family are aware of what you are doing and WHY. In the lead up to Christmas every night is an excuse to celebrate - so by keeping them on board you will be surprised at how many will support you when you choose the healthy option, leave early to get some rest - or you may be able to lure them to join you on a HIIT class or power walk *before you hit the Bar.*


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