Lizzie's Day On A Plate

September 18, 2018

Lizzie caught up with JS Health to talk all things food & fitness. 


Tell us a little bit about yourself – who you are and what you do.

I’m the founder of Lean Bean Fitness & Lean Bean Retreats. We specialise in fun, high intensity fitness for girls. Operation Lean…#Bean, focusses on continuous functional body weight movement plus the use of resistance equipment to sculpt muscles without building bulk. We have a studio in Bondi Beach and one just opened in Darlinghurst so please come and play with me!



What was the ‘uh ha’ moment that inspired you to get in to food or health and wellbeing?

I trained as a professional dancer from a young age and always required a constant stream of food throughout the days to up-keep energy levels. As I got older I worked out that what I was eating had a huge impact on how I performed and my alertness so I started swapping share size *that I didn’t share* chocolate bars for dried fruit and nut mixes. I then had another moment down the track when I found out my giant portion sizes of everything I deemed ‘healthy’ were probably higher in sugar and fat than any of my treats so that’s when I started paying more attention in our Performer Health classes.



Talk us through a typical day in your life…

As soon as I wake up I down a litre or more of water. If I don’t do this, I guarantee I’ll be tired and not switched on to teach the morning classes. I’ll then head to the studio with a flask of lemon water to drink while taking sessions that start at 5:45. 

I have breakfast at 7:30 which will be milky porridge with cinnamon & whatever fruit I have at home followed by a few spoonfuls of peanut butter and a cup of dandelion tea.

Snack will be a tea and an apple around 10:30. I’m pretty active throughout the day so I always have fruit, veg sticks, popcorn etc. in my bag so I’ve got healthy options on hand.


If I’m out I’ll get a big salad with dressing on the side. If I’m at home I’ll steam some green veg and warm up some pre roasted sweet potato/carrot that I’ll mix with either a can of sardines or a half a can of cooked beans. Salt, chilli and olive oil are always the star of the show.


5pm Snack- a big bowl of melon before heading to a workout. I either go boxing with a friend or do a HIIT session at the studio with the girls. I’m a firm believer In 30 min workouts (like Power Bean Express) that get your body fired up and conditioned in a short period of time. I love the feeling of leaving a workout knowing I’ve really challenged myself. I’m not good at exercising by myself (as I cheat) so I like having someone keeping an eye on me!

Some of my dinner favourites are bean pasta with roasted zucchini in tomato sauce or asian tofu stir fry. I don’t think I’ve ever cooked a meal thats not ready in less than 15 minutes as I’m too impatient. Bed time is 8:30pm whenever possible- I’m not alive without a good 8 hours.

Dessert is always chocolate. I do try and go for higher cocoa varieties.


Coffee or tea?



What is your indulgence of choice?

Runny, crunchy salted peanut butter. I’m very particular when it comes to my PB.


Three foods you can’t live without?

Fruit (all varieties), peanut butter (crunchy salted only), porridge oats.


… And any last words of advice or tips for those starting out on their health journey?

You can’t always eat organic, fresh, seasonal so just do what you can and don’t stress about it!


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