The Weekend Hacks You Need In Your Life!

August 17, 2018



“How was your weekend?” “Good thanks, just chilled." Sound familiar? Wasted weekends, be gone! We’re all about getting some adventure into those fleeting two days. 


1. Every time you think of something cool you want to do, write it in notes on your phone. That way when the weekend comes around, you have multiple options to choose from! 


2. Do a bit of research. Websites like Urban List, Concrete Playground and Broadsheet all have a load of articles on things to do in and around Sydney. A few years ago, I visited the Mermaid Pools after reading an article about it online. It was there that I met my current partner, Ben, and the rest is history! Moral of the story? GET OUT THERE! You never know who you might meet.   

3. Book a ‘stay-cation’! Sydney is a huge city and it can take hours just to get from south to north. Don’t waste your weekend in the car, book an Air BnB in one of Sydney's beautiful suburbs; Avalon is great for a chic, beach get-away. Or, grab your tent and head up to the Central Coast for a night under the stars. Boudi National Park has some blissful spots. 


4. Brunch a must for the weekend? Try somewhere new that’s a little further than your local cafe. Try walking, running or cycling there and I promise your breakfast will taste so much better for it! 


5. Try something new. Whether it’s an activity like rock climbing, surfing, paddle boarding or bowls. It’ll stimulate the mind, as well as getting the body moving. Much better than just sitting on the coach scrolling your life away! 



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