5 x reasons to sweat *when all you wanna do is sleep*

July 29, 2018


It's cold. I'm tired. I'll go later. lol. I'll close my eyes for 2x minutes, but not fall back asleep Double lol.



I am sure we have ALL had these throughs run through our brain when deliberating on a workout. To help get your ass to class, pop these 5x reminders on your fridge *or forehead* for added motivation to get your sweat on:


Sweat to Smile: Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. While Elle Woods did say it - science backs it up! As you move, your body releases 'feel good' chemicals known as endorphins, which reduce your perception of pain (more burpees please!) and trigger positive feelings in the body that can help shift you from huffy to happy in just a few short *sweaty* minutes.


Sweat to Sleep *better*: Science has also proven that those who workout regularly also sleep more - and better. The energy expended in class fatigues the body, meaning you may hit the sack earlier. Additionally the body naturally repairs muscles during rest - so by moving during the day, your body will fall into a deeper sleep quicker - and stay thee longer - to help with this recovery. This means you not only get the benefits during your workout, but you can snooze yourself to health later on too :)


Sweat to Socialise: Even if you are going solo to your 5am workout, being in a room with likeminded early-rises can help with your mental health. Socialising is proven to boost self esteem and reduce levels of depression - so think of your group workout as helping your brain as much as your bod. For those who work from home, pop a midday class on your schedule to boost your mood and productivity throughout the afternoon.


Sweat to stress *less*: We all know the feeling; work deadlines are crazy, your to do list is longer than your shopping list, or your kids or partner are on your nerves! Cure all of this with a workout. Exercise helps clear your mind by distracting you (who can honestly think about work when your legs are dying in jump lunges) as well as reducing stress-inducing cortisol levels. Unsure? Try working out next time you are stressing-out - and see how much clearer you feel after!



Sweat to Strengthen: While moving the bod through exercise obviously results in more toned and strengthened muscles - you can develop just as much mental toughness through exercise. The brain gives up long before the body, so by pushing yourself through that extra rep, holding plank for that extra 10x seconds - or even waking up when your brain says NO - you are challenging your mental boundaries which can improve self belief and confidence. Yes please!



Next time you are lying in bed and want to hit snooze - run your brain through this list, and get your butt out of bed as soon as you can!


See you in class then...

 Love Chels x


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