Why working-out OUTSIDE in winter WORKS

July 24, 2018


Ask me to exercise outside in summer and I'm there; tan while you tone!? Yes please! But when it's 5:45AM in the middle of winter; I'll pass, thanks. 


What if I told you there are even MORE benefits to getting your arse moving outside when it's cold? Ahhhh, now you're listening. 


1. You burn more calories in the cold. Keeping our core temperature warm automatically uses calories. Combine that with exercising faster, harder and more continuously to stay warm, ends in us burning wayyyy more calories and fat just by being outdoors!


2. Uneven surfaces make for a harder workout. Small, uneven surfaces make a big difference when it comes to exercise. Your legs, core and arms are working harder to stabilise your body, therefore using more muscles. It's also great for ankle stability and your brain! 


3. Being outdoors eases anxiety and stress. We all know that exercising increases endorphins, but, exercising OUTSIDE makes those endorphins go through the roof compared to your indoor sweat session! There's also research that shows being surrounded by nature, fresh air, green trees and natural light can relax our minds and release more serotonin (the happy hormone). Bring on happier days!


4. Avoid Plateauing and break the routine. It's beneficial to mix things up, not only for your mind but for your muscles too! It's SO important to challenge your body - and there is nothing better than a bootcamp style circuit to do just this! Plus, boredom in class is REDUCED as you have beautiful scenery, skies, birds and friends to keep you occupied!


5. Being outside early makes your days feel longer. When we're leaving the house in the dark, getting home in the dark, (and probably live in a shoebox dungeon in Bondi) natural light is something we don't get enough of. So, this is the final reason to take your workout outside. Watch the sunrise while you burpee, what could be better!? 


Thanks for all our amazing Beans for your continuous love and support, WE LOVE YOU! 


(And this one's for you, Waverley Council) 



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