How To Turn Procrastination Into Production To Get The Most Out Of Your Day

Whether you work at home, in an office, are studying or just need to get shit done, procrastination is the bane of our lives. Bree Pratt, Regional Manager at ClassPass AU, shares her top productivity tips.


1. “Time management is huge for me, scheduling time with myself to get work done is a must!”


2. “Making the most of when i’m really, truly ‘on’. Mornings I take lots of meetings and calls because I’m firing. 3pm is when im doing more admin related tasks because I’m a little less mentally active. (Cue chocolate and coffee)” 


3. “I’ll often do a late evening work stint to get on top of emails and plan for the next day - planning is key for me”.   


Knowing yourself and how you work is essential - If staying at home to work means spending 50% of the time with your head in the fridge, go to a cafe or somewhere with less distractions. Write a list with only your top priorities, that way you won’t get overwhelmed; when you get them all ticket off, (best feeling ever!) you’ll feel accomplished and ready to enjoy the rest of your day. 


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