5 Lazy Hacks To Help Organise Your Life



Nicole owns and runs Mum's PA, a business dedicated to helping others de-clutter and organise their life to achieve optimum calm. She's been kind enough to share her wisdom with the Lazy to Lean Beaners!


There’s always several times during the year when that craving for a domestic cleanse sweeps over us, but how often do we follow through? Come on Lazy Beans…Fear no more. Practice these weekly home organising & decluttering tips to achieve physical and mental space, calm, rejuvenation and greater productivity. 


I have 6 tips for the 6 weeks of your challenge:


1. Only buy what you use. There's no need to buy more, it takes up space and clutters cupboards. 


2. Keep, donate, throw, sell or recycle your things. (Be ruthless!)


3. Write a list. Tick off one item and one room at a time, if it doesn’t have a place, it doesn’t belong. Get Rid of it.


4. Plan what you want to wear the day before. This includes having your gym gear out ready for the morning class.


5. Create an “out the door” area (keys, bags, coat, umbrella, sports bag) saves time and panic.


I now declare your home Organised & decluttered – congratulations!


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