The exercise mistake you're probably making plus the one food senior trainer Carragh SWEARS by...

May 16, 2018

She's the blonde assassin and a professional in whipass'in and we wanna know how she keeps fit and healthy when she's busy teaching, plus, she reveals the one thing most of us do wrong when we perform our fave move: The Burpee.

Tell us how it's done Carragh G...



When do you like to exercise?

In the morning so it's out of the way (if i'm not teaching of course)! If so, ill find half an hour when the studio's empty to practice what i preach, or head to a yoga class later on.


Tell us one thing you eat every single day to stay healthy...

Seeds. I have a jar of mixed sunflower, pumpkin and flax seeds that I sprinkle on EVERYTHING! They’re full of protein, fibre, omega-3 and so many other good nutrients. You can also add hemp, chia or sesame seeds to the mix.


How do you keep active even when you've got no free time...

I think the best way to exercise when you’re busy is to walk, run or cycle to work/meetings. I try to walk or cycle instead of drive (if possible) or do a little stretching session before bed (still a work progress- baby steps!)


Pictured: Carragh on the way to the studio.


Quick on the go brekkie?

Using an empty (or almost empty) peanut butter jar and using it as an overnight oats pot. (1 cup oats, 2 x tbp yoghurt, milk and blueberries. Go!)


The most common exercise mistake you see when teaching?

Using a rounded back to roll up to stand instead of squatting with a straight back and using your glutes to drive up from a burpee*. Bend knees, chest up, straight back, jump up! Lower back injuries are SO common so before you stand, make sure those buns are switched on.



*We may be guilty of doing the above, butt thanks for the tip ;) Follow Carragh to class and on insta (@run_forthehills) for more sweat, tips n' tricks.

Catcha soon! Lizzie B x




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