Lizzie & the Beans' talk with...Jolene

May 4, 2018

WELCOME to our brand new blog feature *aptly named i know*  Lizzie & The Beans' talk!

We could talk about ourselves until the dairy cows come home but we're surrounded by magic Beans and they've got loads to share with us.



Meet: Jolene Cornford, 33, Advertising Account Director
Fave LB workout right now: Hard to choose, Box Beans for the end of a long day
What you love about Lean Bean: How tailored it is to womens fitness. I've spent years doing EVERY class under the sun and it doesn't target all of the key areas nearly as well.
Fave place to eat in Sydney: Yullis Vegetarian restaurant or Freds for something a bit special.
Not-guilty pleasure: Lean Bean morning classes followed by big Sydney Coastal walks...and a full bar of Lindt 70% smooth blend and Queer Eye on the TV.
Podcast/netflix/show you recently obsessed over: Big Little Lies (late to the table on this one but GOD it's good)
Your happy jam: Anything reggae. Literally anything.



Thanks Jolene you the bessssst! Now your turn to tell me about you! Email me on Catch you soon, Lizzie B xxx



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