Lean Bean Fitness hits NYC 🍏

July 12, 2017

If you follow me on the @leanbeanfitness insta, you'll know from the daily spam that i've been busy from London to New York to LA, trying out as many different fitness studios and fun classes i possibly can during a 'relaxing' holiday.


Mainly for fun- but also for inspo on all the new things coming soon* at Lean Bean Fitness, Bondi.

*WTS 😉



In the big apple i got lucky and got the chance to bring a bit of Lean Bean to NYC when i taught at the top fitness apparel store Bandier in Flatiron.


It was so cool/surreal and mad to be teaching such a massive group of NY'ers (that i'm pretty sure didn't know a thing about Lean Bean prior) but after a 'hellofalotta sweat *and maybe tears*, i think they became Bean fans.



For the packed out event, we teamed up with 2 amazing Ozzie brands @thebeautychef and @evo to make sure everyone got a post workout presents- coz' who doesn't  want rewards for working out on a Monday morning?



That's all for now. See you soon USA!




Founder of Lean Bean Fitness & Lean Bean Retreats

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>> 2 x week unlimited class pass for only $40! <<

Boxing, Barre, Yoga + Hiit training specifically for females in the heart of Bondi Beach... Come and play with us! 



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