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June 29, 2017

The Bondi Junction store recently welcomed pocket rocket Lizzie Bland from Lean Bean Fitness to their family as their newest ambassador. After relocating from London to Sydney, Lizzie set up a bootcamp designed for fun, easy going girls who like to seriously sweat it out, but don’t take life (or themselves) too seriously. From this, Lean Bean Fitness was born. We caught up with Bondi's newest ambassador who is seriously cool beans, for more details.



What's Lean Bean all about? 
LB: Helping women gain happiness in their mind & body, offering a community of friends and to make them laugh whilst getting sweaty. Our workouts focus on continuous functional body weight movement with the additional use of resistance equipment to sculpt muscles- not bulk them.


How should you feel when you leave a Lean Bean class? 
LB: Worked to a point where you definitely won’t need to hit another workout for at least a day or 2! Your bum muscles are gonna be sore tomorrow and you didn’t think you’d enjoy sweating that much.


What drew you to set up in Sydney? 
LB: The health and fitness scene is massive in Sydney and even though the general lifestyle is laid back, Sydney-siders take their workouts seriously.


What's your number one fitness tip? 
LB: If you like it, do it. (Google the benefits after). I find lots of people start a certain fitness trend after they read something that claims guaranteed results. Anything you do exercise wise should be predominantly for your state of mind, the endorphin boost and getting the blood flowing, so don't hold back on dancing around the kitchen in your undies.



Lots of love,


Lani Hosken x 


Lululemon educator, master trainer and running coach at Lean Bean Fitness.


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