I know you know we know plateau

May 29, 2017

There's nothing we love more than a bit of a routine, whether on the dance floor or that morning *bondi to bronte* run- but when it comes to your workouts, i'm afraid you're gonna need to shake it up a bit...




Why? Being creatures of habit, when we like something we love it and want it all yesterday*quoting my mother...Theresa* so when we repeat the same thing day in day out -meals/workouts/songs- unfortunately you stop reaping the benefits/results/satisfaction.


The change is so easy but yes it does mean you've gotta get out of your comfort zone.

Time to play swapsies on a few of your faves to get that rear in gear...




bondi to bronte jog for hill sprints


boxing for barre


weights session for swimming


hiit for yoga


pilates for dancing





 ***2 x week unlimited class pass for only $40!***

Boxing / Barre / Yoga + Hiit training specifically for females in the heart of Bondi Beach... Come and play with us! 

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