The tips n' tricks to make getting out of bed easy

May 22, 2017

Don't get me wrong, it's never going to be easy easy...especially when the mornings get darker & colder, but it can be a whole lot easier if you follow these steps. Goodbye lazy bones.



1.Don’t go on honeymoon.

The feeling when you wake up after having a good 8 hours of sleep so you feel like you deserve just a few minutes more…Sorry but no you don’t. The longer you spend In your warm cocoon, the more you’ll resent having to get out of it. In the words of d:ream - 'things can only get better'  so challenge yourself to getting up within 5 seconds of your alarm going off *the first time- no snoozing anytime* and see how much easier it gets. Ps. Instagam, Facebook, Daily Mail Online can wait until you’re at least dressed. #Just saying.


2.Bend & stretch.

Yes, you're gonna need to drop it like it's hot...when it's most definitely not. Get the blood and oxygen circulating around your body by bending and stretching those legs. Squat in the shower *get the grip socks out*,  heel raises whilst the kettles boiling, make the bed- whatever, just move it.


3.Deep heat.

Starting your morning with a big glass of water is pretty standard, but try having half boiled/hold cool water which is more easily absorbed and will warm you up from the inside out. Follow this with a tea and maybe more water- when you wake up it's crucial you fully hydrate to get all the systems going- brain function included.


4.Goodnight owl.

If you're not a morning person in the slightest, embrace that working out in the morning may not be your thing. Everyone's different and if you feel as though you can push yourself more in the evening, trade a couple of your early morning workouts for some evening ones. Some claim that exercising in the evening improves sleep quality so if you've been struggling to nod off recently, get your kit on tonight.




Starting to seriously resemble a cold turkey? 

Get your LB fleece lined sweater out! 1 x $55 or 2 x $100...Lets get it on.




Over n' out! Lizzie Bland X

Founder of Lean Bean Fitness & Lean Bean Retreats 

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