Chelsea's fave immune boosting #super soup

April 30, 2018

I'm definitely the type to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible but also want to eat the yummiest, healthiest meals i can. So- when i found this recipe by Deliciously Ella that used very little time and brain power but delivered maximum health benefits*, i gave it a go. So tasty, souper easy and now to be a regular mid-week meal of mine. Go try!



*Tomatoes & Red Peppers score mega high in Vit A, B & C to keep your immune system, energy levels and skin in peak condition. 

Serves 3

– 8 plum tomatoes

– 3 red peppers

– a large handful of fresh basil leaves (25g)

– a handful of fresh rosemary (10g)

– 5 bay leaves

– 4 cloves of garlic

– dried thyme

– 125ml of water

– 3 dessert spoons of apple cider vinegar (use lime if you don’t have this)

– 3 dessert spoons of tomato puree

– olive oil

– salt and pepper to taste


Slice the red peppers into eighths, removing the centre. Then chop the tomatoes into four or five slices. Cover the bottom of a roasting pan or baking tray in olive oil and place the tomatoes, peppers with the garlic, fresh rosemary, dried thyme, bay leaves, salt and a drizzle more olive oil on top. Roast at 200C for 30 minutes.

Once they vegetables have finished roasting put them into a liquidiser with the apple cider vinegar, tomato puree, salt & pepper and basil, being careful not to add the bay leaves or rosemary sticks though. As the soup blends, slowly add in the water until you reach your desired consistency. Once you have reached this pour the soup straight into bowls and serve.

Deliciously Ella



All my love, from my head tomatoes, Chelsea X

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