How not to catch what everyone in Bondi's got

May 10, 2017

Yes you do the standard- persistent hand washing , run away as soon as someone sneezes, eat a couple of oranges etc, but here's a couple of things that'll ensure your body's on top form to fight any lurgie going around town...

Eat 10+ a day

Buy piles of fresh fruit and veg-  try not to worry about the price tag *investing in your health here*. Kiwis, bell peppers, papaya and cauliflower are score high in the Vit C rating so chow em’ down. 



Go to bed

Because you don’t function when your tired, so your immune system definitely won’t. When you sleep, disease fighting substances are released and inflammation repaired, so lack of it will leave you way more vulnerable to being caught out. Try getting 8-10 hours tonight, especially if you've started to get the sniffles. Read how Lani always gets her 8hrs shut eye…


Move it

The healthier and fitter you are, the less likely you’ll catch a cold. But if you do get caught, the symptoms will be far less severe and not last as long. Increasing your body temp through exercise helps circulates the antibodies and white blood cells that can fight infection and help flush out bacteria.


Be happy!

Hanging out with a dog (ie. Artie, the Lean Bean doglet), along with smiling and positive thinking make you happy. Happiness lowers your chances of getting sick by strengthening your immune system, so if you smile it literally may never happen.




Good luck and if in doubt, hibernate...or hang out with me and Artie!







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