5 ways to make you fall in love with running.

May 2, 2017


Autumn is here! T'is the season to be...running? You betcha. With the cooler months brewing, it's actually the perfect  time to give those sneakers a workout. If- however, the thought of running makes you want to cry into your sweat towel, here are my 5 proven ways to help make even you fall in love with running...




1. Buddy up or join the club*! I know.. the idea of running in a group where people can actually see how red your face can go is often terrifying.. but the support, encouragement and lols, that running in an organised group provide is profound. If you make a commitment to a class, you are far less likely to hit snooze, and the motivation/energy of others will ensure you don't slack off! Check out full schedule.





*Did you know that Runner Beans is for boys and girls?! 

Mon & Wed AM.



2. Advice to my soloists- Be prepared. If a group run is not your thing, there are a few things you will need to ensure you make it count! Make an upbeat playlist and buy earphones that work, stay in your ears and, that are untangled before you leave the house- critical. Plus, set yourself a goal for your run - a time, route or distance to complete. Having a goal to reach will ensure you actually commit to the run, and push you to go a little further next time.






3. Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. Amen to that. Running can be high impact on joints, so its vital to give ankles and knees good support. While you don't have to spend your whole pay check, investing in a good pair of trainers is key to staying injury free. (But remember- *being your Mum for a second*,- go for practicality over looks please. Don't worry- when you feel the spring-in-your-step these bad boy deliver, you won't be so concerned.)




4. Variety is key. Running is far more than that daily 5km jog. To keep the mind and body challenged, continually mix up your workout - try different routes for your long run so you don't get bored, add in stairs, hills, sprints, intervals, mix up your terrain - grass, soft-sands or road running - and incorporate core and lower-body exercises, so that you're always working the body in new ways! 



5. Recovery baby! Does your run often look a little like this- 'Go all-out for 45x mins, stop running at your front door, jump in the shower, dash off to work where you sit all day, then wake up the next morning unable to walk'...One word...stretch. Always end your run with at least 5 x minutes of stretching. Even better? Hit up a weekly yoga class to get deep into those tight muscles, flush out toxins and re-set the mind & body for your next session. 



Now go & run the world. Love, Chels x









 ***2 x week unlimited class pass for only $40!***


Boxing / Barre / Yoga + Hiit training specifically for females in the heart of Bondi Beach... Come and play with us! 

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