Express yourself Bondi babes!

April 29, 2017

30 minute classes? A walk in the park if you’re currently doing 60 surely?



Not according to us, or these Scandinavian experts. If you've tried one of the 30min Express Classes at Lean Bean Fitness you'll know that they're more like a sprint in the heels. A recent article in @Sporteluxe showed that Copenhagen* University have done the studies and it's proven- less really IS more.


*Who doesn't trust the Scandi's...




'In the study, two groups of men participated in moderate-to-challenging cardio exercise every day—one group for 30 minutes, one group for 60 minutes. On average, the men who only worked out for 30 minutes lost more weight and burned more calories per day than the ones who suffered through longer workouts.' - Sporteluxe


It’s all about being efficient in the time you have, whether thats 4 minutes or 30. Challenging yourself and giving your full attention will lead you to see- and feel the benefits.


Try one of our express Barre, Box or Power Beans to see what we can get up to in just 30 *sweaty* minutes...

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 ***2 x week unlimited class pass for only $40!***


Boxing / Barre / Yoga + Hiit training specifically for females in the heart of Bondi Beach... Come and play with us! 


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