The 5 things Lani does every night to get her full 8 hours

April 26, 2017


8 hours may seem like a lot of sleep...


But guess what, it's very do-able, even for you ie. The busiest of bodies. Obviously you know that sleep deprivation leads to premature skin ageing, increased appetite and muscle break down but here's a few more fun facts to get you in bed a little earlier tonight...



Here are  top tips from LB's master trainer Lani Hosken on what she swears by for a good quality, deep sleep...


  • Stay clear of phones, computer & TV an hour before bed (ie. shower/read/prep your lunch for the next day).

  • Get into bed the same time every night. Even at weekends... (When possible. Live in Bondi? Definitely possible)!

  • Put on a guided meditation or some relaxing music (Ideally instrumental, lyric free to keep the mind clear).

  • Wear ear plugs and an eye mask. Even the smallest of sounds/lights can disrupt a deep sleep.

  • Take a muscle relaxing magnesium powder an hour before bed to calm the nervous system.




No wonder Lani (and koalas) look so youthful...




Lani Hosken, Senior personal trainer and instructor at Lean Bean Fitness.



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