The 4 simple steps to keep a hungry Bean happy

April 11, 2017

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This time of year in Sydney, the temp drops below 20 and we tend have a mini meltdown. We're also wanting to move less, eat more and put on a few extra....clothes. Just because we're not gonna be seen *dead * in a bikini for a while doesn't mean we can give up our 'summer body' regime and hibernate...or does it?


Hell no. This is also the prime time for colds, fevers and all sorts of gross things so actually, you have to work a bit harder and think a bit more when it comes to keeping healthy through the colder months. 


Unfortunately the old saying, 'you are what you eat' is true and although there's a place for lazy days with our friends Pinot & Pastry, for the most part, we're on operation 'Good-with a hint of naughty-Bean' from here on in.


Try considering these 4 steps when eating and planning* your meals and snacks to keep even the hungriest of Bean's happy...



Take a moment to think about what you're about to eat and if it will keep you going until your next meal. Does it contain protein or fibre to keep you full or is just going to satisfy for an hour or so? Take breakfast for example, If you're hungry soon after your porridge, you may need to top it with some protein like a handful of low sugar granola or a few nuts.


Pictured: Low-sugar high-protein Run for the Hills granola for Lean Bean Retreats.




Question yourself: 'Is what i’m about to eat going to benefit me in anyway? Does it contain healthy oils, vitamins, minerals or protein? Or am i just eating it because i don't have anything else in the house?'


Don’t just eat something for the sake of it or because you think you're hungry. Take white rice crackers- easy to eat to fill the gap...but their nutritional value is low, so swap to a brown rice variety and you're doubling up on fibre in an instant and still eating the same thing. If you live to eat, then eat to live, not just to last. 


Pictured: The Lean Bean Pie with cauliflower mash.




Don't want it? Don't eat it! You wouldn’t buy a top if you didn't like it so why eat what you don't enjoy? In my case, parsnips and chia seeds are horrible…so i avoid them *like the plague*.  Because when you eat something that doesn’t satisfy you, you’re highly likely to need something that does hit the spot very soon after.


Most of us can always have more chocolate but we can't always have more thats when i discovered Pumpy Jackson *soon to be stocked at the LBF studio* which has less sugar than a carrot and tastes like naughty chocolate... but it's nice...i was ordering in bulk.



Pictured: Pumpy Jackson Super Chocolate sweetened with monk fruit




Who ever said don’t play with your food was wrong i'm afraid. Think outside the box and try switching up what you normally have with something else. Maybe try spiralled sweet potato or courgette (pictured) instead of pasta, swap canned tuna with canned sardines, or beef mince with lentils. So much fun and health to be had just by mixing up  your usual classics a bit.


Pictured: @Nutrition4foodies Vegan Bolognese full recipe.



Hungry? Yes. Happy? Of course! 






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