LB's number 1 way to guaranteed* happiness...

March 19, 2017


Happiness is never going to be a consistent thing. Sorry.


Yes, i'm afraid there will always be those days when you feel anything but happy i.e. receiving a parking fine, queuing at the post lunch time - you get the gist. These shit days/moment however, only make the happy moments possible, and actually, they make them better. 


So you wanna know the guaranteed* route to instant happiness?





Whether it's forced or organic, just bloody laugh


I promise you, it's hilarious! A rule i like to go by in life is = 'If i haven't laughed by 9am...i'm gonna have to do something about'


Here's a few of my go to's:


1. Watch YouTube videos of babies eating lemons.


2. Call up your best friend and ask them to tell you the first joke that springs to their mind (whilst they're at work or not).


3. Look at yourself in the mirror (in private ideally) and start laughing at yourself... and then realise what you look like when you laugh. Its laughable I promise.


The end. Lol. Bye. 


*kinda, eventually, ish. 




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