The biggest problem EVERY female faces when working out...

March 15, 2017


See through leggings..?

Sweat in eye...?

Hair elastic snap..?


Don't get me wrong, these things definitely count as first world problems, but there's another pretty rubbish pest that's always lurking around the corner... 



Yep, probably the only thing more annoying than an Ibis tearing open your bin is getting BORED of your workout routine.


Whether we admit it or not, females are hard wired to love quick and lose interest quicker. You could just leave it at that and carry on with your workout routine like usual - getting bored. Or you can head down the Pick n' Mix aisle...


Yoga til' you die? Get your heart rate up by going for a 15min run


Boxing Badass? Try a barre class & burn those buns for once


Barre Baby? Try doing some HIIT classes *cue PowerBeans*


Iron Maiden? asap


Pilates Polly? Shock the system with cardio circuit


Spin'ster? Dance! Get that brain working


The LB Timetable is obviously  *biased Mum alert* overflowing with a loads of fun new ways to sweat so why don't you come and play in a slightly different way today?!





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